I was working on my game engine, which is very creatively is named “Boring engine”, which is written in C++ and for graphics uses OpenGL. It is the foundation for all my games. On top of it, I’ve created the Short Story engine, which I’m using to create specific RPG games. Such as John and The Goat and Isolation. My idea is to make a simple game, while each next game has improved mechanics and much more features.

John and The Goat was the very first game. It was so basic, that you barely could say, that it is an RPG. A small step for the gaming industry, but it was a big step for me. I laid the foundation for my next short story-driven games. The next one was Isolation. It had a much bigger world and introduces the dungeons with many new enemies types, boss fights. After that, I updated John and The Goat. Recreated maps, added more quests. Added everything, that SS: Isolation had.

My game is crude. They are missing many game features and are lacking visually. I guess the next logical step would be to at least add proper animation for characters. But here comes a little problem. If I continue to develop my games as 2D “Zelda-like” RPG, the more I make, the harder it would be to update it to 3D, which I eventually want to make.

One day, I just started to play with that idea. How hard it would be to make my games 3D. Game logic can remain the same. Only I will render not flat tiles, but 3D cubes with the textures of the same tiles on the walls or the ground. So I took a shovel and started digging.

About after 3 months of casually working in my free time. I present you my new game Short Story: Trip. It is a very early stage. Even the main map is not finished. Many features from the old 2D version still not working. Many moons passed, while I updated the level editor to support 3D. But you can check out the video and decide for yourself. Is it looking better? More interesting?

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Arunas Pangonis

Solo game developer. Creating game for Apple platforms using C++ and OpenGL.


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