I’m happy to announce, that Traffic Brains 2 is in final testing. I’m replaying levels many times and I always manage to find new issues and bugs. But I can see light at the tunnel end. When most bugs will be resolved, then the other tedious works awaits. Screenshots for all screen sizes and preview videos. It is not hard to make it for one screen size, but it is time-consuming to make it for many sizes.

I’m a one-man studio, so I avoided feature creep like plague 😀 I have so many ideas, how to improve gameplay, but. I feel if I will not release this game soon, I’ll run out of steam to make it. This game is in development for more than a year. After release, I’m planning to add new levels, with new game modes and improved game mechanics. I laid the foundation of traffic AI, on which I can improve.

I guess it is just my opinion, but this is the best looking game from the Short Story series 🙂 I’m looking forward to know what you think about it.

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Arunas Pangonis

Solo game developer. Creating game for Apple platforms using C++ and OpenGL.


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