This week I’ve been working on a new game mode implementation. Players can pause the game, adjust traffic lights, and then continue traffic flow. This is different from other modes because previously when you stop traffic all cars were removed and each time you start traffic, everything starts from the beginning. Cars were spawning at their starting spawn points. All path findings were when the player tapped “GO”. And if there were no available paths for any car, the player was informed and simulation could not be started…

With this new play mode, where the player can pause the simulation, adjust traffic lights, and maybe even block roads, there are many tricky situations. What if the car can’t reach its destination? What if the traffic light in front of the car is blocked and will never turn green.

It was an interesting week, at first I thought it will be an easy job. How hard it can be? 😀

Check the video, where I’m trolling testing with a yellow car by changing paths.

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Arunas Pangonis

Solo game developer. Creating game for Apple platforms using C++ and OpenGL.


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