City Gridlock has new levels and game modes!

Hey City Gridlock fans! I’m stoked to announce the latest update – packed with two exciting game modes: Time Attack and Manual Control.

In Time Attack, you’ll strategically place road signs and manually program traffic lights to guide a limited number of cars to their destinations as fast as possible. It’s a race against time, testing your strategic skills.

Now, buckle up for Manual Control! Imagine being at the intersection’s control panel, tapping to control traffic lights directly. It’s an immersive, hands-on experience that adds a thrilling layer to City Gridlock.

Graphics got a facelift for a more immersive feel, and bugs have been shown the exit. Get ready to embrace these challenges and conquer City Gridlock in a whole new way!

Traffic Growth – new play mode

For the last couple of months, I have been working on a new gameplay mode. I was trying to solve the problem I have with large cities. When you start to play, there are so many traffic problems at the start. It is hard for the player to solve them all at once.

So I have tried to address this issue. I want to introduce all the traffic gradually. Players will have to adapt to the ever-increasing car count on the road and at the same time keep efficiency over a certain threshold.

I took some inspiration from the game Mini Motorways, where you begin with an almost empty map and it becomes more crowded over time.

Traffic Brains 2 coming to the Epic store on 2023 August 3

The date is set in stone. After many rejections, I have finally solved all the problems.

All the store rejection was not because of the game itself. Epic store does not automatically install all required redistributable dll packages and openAL sound library as Steam does. So it was a little bit tricky to figure out how to make the game playable on the systems, that do not have installed these packages.