For whole week I was designing and drawing weapons. Some are reused from previous game John and the Goat, but most of them are new. Not sure about the names. Its really hard to think of original and interesting names. For now these name will do. Maybe when game completion will be nearing, I will change them.

Daggers have fastest attack rate. Very good to push back enemy with rapid attack. Swords attack slower, but they can reach further and attacks are wider. Several enemies can be attacked at once. Hammers are slowest, but they have chance to stun enemy. Maybe I will add ground smash chance to stun multiple enemies. I still need to do a lot of testing and playthroughs to balance them out.

Isolation game map

So most of the mechanics are in place. I started working on world map. I’ve decided to make world out of 9 main chunks. In the middle will be Tower of Isolation, where Evil Wizard Maggart will be located. I’ve made video of me walking though empty map. This is just first draft. All map may change on demand if I will decide that, I need something else.

Dungeon mechanics

Upcoming new game Short Story: Isolation finally will have dungeons. I’ve been working on them for the last couple of weeks. I present you the main mechanics. Moving ground spikes. Rotating spikes on rails. Locked gates and treasure chests. Pardon for choppy video, my old Mac didn’t wanted to cooperate and perform.

Still need many improvements, but I’m happy with first results.