Traffic Brains 2 coming to the Epic store on 2023 August 3

The date is set in stone. After many rejections, I have finally solved all the problems.

All the store rejection was not because of the game itself. Epic store does not automatically install all required redistributable dll packages and openAL sound library as Steam does. So it was a little bit tricky to figure out how to make the game playable on the systems, that do not have installed these packages.

Mandatory traffic points

I’m always working on new updates for my game Traffic Brains 2. I’m making a new levels pack with much bigger cities. Got the idea to create mandatory traffic points, where players have to divert some traffic. I think this new game mode adds interesting dynamics to the game.

Traffic Brains 2 is coming to Steam!

I’m working on the port of the game to make it available on the Steam PC platform. The game is 90% completed and “fully” working on Windows. All is left is to iron out a few bugs and add platform-specific features. The game will be paid in advance, not like the iOS platform. You pay once and get the full experience. Now it is available on Steam as “Coming soon”. You can wishlist it and follow it here.

Traffic Brains 2 tips and tricks series: Controlling the traffic lights


I’m watching the statistics of my game and I see that many players are dropping out of the game after the first tutorial level. So I’ve started a tips and tricks video series to explain my game mechanics. In this one, I’m explaining how controlling traffic lights works. I want to keep it short and informative. What do you think, is the information clear and well-paced, or it is too fast and unclear?

Level up!

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on player leveling systems and item unlockables. It was one of the last systems in this game that was missing. There was no progression throughout the game. Each level offered the same just a little bit more difficulty.

Now after each level player unlocks something new. New road signs can be unlocked. After each level, the player is rated with stars. Stars give experience points. With experience, players’ level is increased. With new levels, come new name titles. All game feels more engaging.