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Traffic Brains 2

DeveloperLucky Loot. A game by Arunas Pangonis
Price4 free levels. 0.99$ In-app purchase to unlock all 28 levels.
PlatformsiOS / macOS / Android / Windows (Steam) / Windows (Epic)
Release dateThe first version was released on Jan 7, 2022. A significantly updated 2.0.0 version was released on Jul 20, 2022


Screenshots and icons
Gameplay videosLevel 1, level 8, level 9, level 12, level 10, level 13, level 14
Trailerrelease trailer


You will need to optimize traffic flow. Preprogram traffic light patterns, place road signs to divert or block traffic, increase speed where is necessary, hit GO, and watch the traffic flow. You will have to reach the target TRAFFIC FLOW QUALITY.
You are the traffic manager. You will decide which and when the traffic light should turn green. You will have to spot problematic places, where traffic jams occur and divert traffic using road signs. This is not a real-time action game. You will be required to decide and prepare traffic logic in advance and program it.


The very first attempt to make a game, with similar mechanics was in 2010. It was not finished and was postponed. Traffic Brains 1 was released in 2018. It was a very basic game just to test game mechanics.

Development of Traffic Brains 2 started in 2020. It was a free-time project and hobby. It should have been just a simple graphics swap for the first version, using Boring Engine. But it was much more complicated. So a new game was created.

Traffic Brains 2 1.0 was released on January 2022. It had just traffic lights mechanics and simple car AI, basically like Traffic Brains 1.

Feedback was received and development on the update started.


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