Short Story Isolation was missing one of the key game elements – collectibles. So I thought to my self, what would be interesting to collect and search for. I came up with the idea of collectibles, that not only increase collected items counter but can add something to the story. I added to the game 15 text scroll, which will be hidden all over the game world. Each text scroll contains a message or letter to someone about the current situation. That way more of the game story can be revealed.

Text scrolls can be read from inventory. Each scroll has a unique number, so you will know which scroll it is and how many in total are available.

Have fun exploring the world and collecting all scrolls!

Tex scroll can be read from inventory. (opened text scroll not displayed)
Text scrolls can lay anywhere. Behind building or in the treasure chest.
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Arunas Pangonis

Solo game developer. Creating game for Apple platforms using C++ and OpenGL.


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